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MASTER PL-C 18W/840/4P 1CT

MASTER PL-C is an efficient medium-wattage compact fluorescent lamp, typically used in general downlights for retail, hospitality and office applications. The original Philips-invented bridge technology guarantees optimum performance in the application, enabling more light and higher efficacy than the bended technology. The 4-pin version is designed for operation on electronic HF control gear with integrated pre-heat and is provided with a plug-in/pull-out lamp base.

Product Information

Eco passport

Philips cares about the environment and society at large, and strongly supports eco-design of products.

General Characteristics
Cap-Base G24q-2
Cap-Base Information 4P
Life to 10% fail Preheat EL,3h 8000 hr
Life to 50% fail Preheat EL,3h 13000 hr
LSF HF Preheat 2000h Rated,3h 99 %
LSF HF Preheat 4000h Rated,3h 98 %
LSF HF Preheat 6000h Rated,3h 97 %
LSF HF Preheat 8000h Rated,3h 90 %
LSF HF Preheat 12000h Rated,3h 60 %
Light Technical Characteristics
Color Code 840 [CCT of 4000K]
Color Rendering Index 82 Ra8
Color Designation (text) Cool White
Color Temperature 4000 K
Luminous Flux EM 25°C, Rated 1200 Lm
Luminous Flux EM 25°C, Nominal 1200 Lm
Luminous Flux EL 25°C, Rated 1200 Lm
Luminous Flux EL 25°C, Nominal 1200 Lm
Lum Efficacy Rated EM 25°C 73 Lm/W
Lum Efficacy Rated HF 25°C 73 Lm/W
LLMF HF 2000h Rated 92 %
LLMF HF 4000h Rated 88 %
LLMF HF 6000h Rated 86 %
LLMF HF 8000h Rated 84 %
LLMF HF 12000h Rated 81 %
Design Temperature 28 C
Chromaticity Coordinate X 380 -
Chromaticity Coordinate Y 380 -
Electrical Characteristics
Lamp Wattage 18 W
Lamp Wattage EM 25°C, Rated 18.0 W
Lamp Wattage EL 25°C, Rated 16.5 W
Lamp Wattage EL 25°C, Nominal 18 W
Lamp Voltage EM 25°C 95 V
Lamp Voltage EL 25°C 95 V
Lamp Current EM 25°C 0.230 A
Lamp Current EL 25°C 0.230 A
Dimmable Yes
Environmental Characteristics
Energy Efficiency Label (EEL) A
Mercury (Hg) Content 1.4 mg
Energy consumption kWh/1000h 20 kWh
Product Dimensions
Base Face to Base Face A 109.7 (max) mm
Insertion Length B 128.0 (max) mm
Overall Length C 142.9 (max) mm
Diameter D 27.1 (max) mm
Diameter D1 27.1 (max) mm
Product Data
Order code 927907284003
Full product code 927907284003
Full product name MASTER PL-C 18W/840/4P 1CT
Order product name MASTER PL-C 18W/840/4P 1CT/5X10CC
Pieces per pack 1
Packing configuration 5X10CC
Packs per outerbox 50
Bar code on pack - EAN1 8711500276315
Bar code on intermediate packing - EAN2 8711500276100
Bar code on outerbox - EAN3 8711500275899
Logistic code(s) - 12NC 927907284003
ILCOS code FSQ-18/40/1B-E-G24q=2
Net weight per piece 0.066 kg

Installation diagrams

MASTER PL-C 18W/840/4P 1CT+ Zoom
G24q-2+ Zoom

Performance diagrams

Life Expectancy 3 h cycle+ Zoom
Lumen Maintenance 3 h and 12 h cycle+ Zoom
Service Lifetime 3 h cycle+ Zoom


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Eco passport pdf 686.02 KB
Material Safety Data Sheets pdf 88.31 KB

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