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Actinic BL PL-S 11W/10/2P 1CT

Actinic BL PL-S/PL-L
With an optimized spectrum matching the eye sensitivity of the housefly, Actinic BL TL(-K)/TL-D(-K)/TL-E/PL-S and PL-L lamps are perfect for attracting insects. They have virtually no UV-B output, and so are perfectly safe. What's more, with the lowest mercury content in the industry and being 100% lead-free, these lamps represent a very good environmental choice. Furthermore, the availability of a wide range of form factors (straight (T5, T8, T12), circular (TL-E) and compact (PL-S/PL-L)) and wattages enables you to make all kinds of designs for your electronic fly killers.

Product Information

Eco passport

Philips cares about the environment and society at large, and strongly supports eco-design of products.

General Characteristics
Cap-Base G23
Cap-Base Information 2 Pins
Bulb 2xT12
Execution 2 Pins
Useful Life 2000 hr
Life to 50% failures EM 8000 hr
Light Technical Characteristics
Color Code 210 [leadfree 360 glass]
Color Designation (text) Ultra Violet A
Chromaticity Coordinate X 227 -
Chromaticity Coordinate Y 212 -
Depreciation 5000 hours 30 %
Depreciation 2000 hours 15 %
Electrical Characteristics
Lamp Wattage 11 W
Lamp Wattage Technical 11.6 W
Lamp Voltage 89 V
Lamp Current 0.16 A
UV-related Characteristics
UV-A Radiation 100hr (IEC) 2.81 W
Product Dimensions
Base Face to Base Face A 198 (max) mm
Insertion Length B 213.3 (max) mm
Overall Length C 236.3 (max) mm
Diameter D 28 (max) mm
Diameter D1 13 (max) mm
Product Data
Order code 927902321007
Full product code 927902321007
Full product name Actinic BL PL-S 11W/10/2P 1CT
Order product name Actinic BL PL-S 11W/10/2P 1CT/6X10CC
Pieces per pack 1
Packing configuration 6X10CC
Packs per outerbox 60
Bar code on pack - EAN1 8711500952011
Bar code on intermediate packing - EAN2 8711500952028
Bar code on outerbox - EAN3 8711500952035
Logistic code(s) - 12NC 927902321007
Net weight per piece 43.000 gr

Installation diagrams

Actinic BL PL-S 11W/10/2P 1CT+ Zoom
G23+ Zoom


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